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Margaret – INMODE patient

“It’s fast, non-invasive with no down time.  I had 6 treatments done, and the difference from my before and after has me still shocked that those are MY OWN personal results.  This treatment is great and relaxing; I could read a book, or watch a show on my phone, or even take a nap.”

Name Withheld Upon Patient’s Request

“My urinary stress incontinence improved by at least 65% after my first Votiva treatment.  It has truly changed my life.”

Name Withheld Upon Patient’s Request

“I was considering surgery for my stress incontinence, but after three Votiva treatments I am at least 80% better. I can leave home again without fearing I will be leaking.”

Brenda – Smithfield

“I have taken my belt buckle down three notches since my Contoura treatment for my abdomen. And I’m already seeing improvements in my face after just one Morpheus treatment. My skin is smoother and more tone already.”

Name Withheld Upon Patient’s Request

“I’ve had two treatments at Smithfield Aesthetics, the Morpheus and Votiva. After only two treatments with Morpheus, I have seen my sagging jaws and the wrinkles in my neck tightened up. The Votiva gave much improvement after only one treatment! My husband was also amazed at the difference after one treatment!

“I knew I would not be disappointed because I knew that Shannon Pope, MD had done her research with these machines. She had to be convinced and make the first investment.”

Lori – Smithfield

“I have done treatments before on my face for my brown spots with zero results. I follow strict sunscreen guidelines and wear a hat in the sun. When Smithfield Aesthetics started the new services, I was filled with joy. My brown spots were overcoming my face. My results are amazing after three treatments! It takes time and you have to be compliant with strict sunscreen, but you can be brown spot free with no make up like me. I feel great and that’s amazing, Thanks to Smithfield Aesthetics!”

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