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“I have had both Newtox for my eyes and Juvederm for my lips at this practice. I have a severe case of RBF and they have made me feel so much better about myself with their services. I no longer look like I am ready to bite someone’s head off at any moment, lol!

“They are a very knowledgeable team and will not pressure you into any services that you do not want. In addition, they listen to your needs and tell you what would be best and even tell you if a specific aesthetic service you are looking into is not appropriate, which I greatly appreciate because then you know they are not providing a service just to gain more income.

“I recently held a Botox/Filler party and they came prepared, along with skincare products and provided services for 12 friends during the party.

“If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy place to go for aesthetic services such as Newtox or Juvederm, I would highly recommend them!”

Jennifer – Newport News

If you are searching for aesthetic services in Newport News, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Williamsburg, or Surry, please call us at (757) 357-3331 or use our online form below.

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